Saturday, 21 June 2014


Cycling some disused railway lines around Northamptonshire at the moment, over 60 miles in 3 days, not a huge distance, but I still pleased. Hasn't taken a lot of effort, and at times I have tried quite hard.


Off to Cambridgeshire tomorrow, St Ives-Cambridge to be precise. Weather has been gorgeous so getting a bit of colour now. Sadly a lot of the disused lines that are converted into cycle/foot paths, are rather sanitised,  nice to ride or walk, but most of the railway remains have been swept away, so they resemble any other path, but I shouldn't moan too much as they are a welcome break from riding on the roads.

Contrasting  views around Rushden

Off to Ystrad in S Wales on Monday, stay with an old school friend for a few days and hopefully do a bit of cycling as well, then on Thursday up to South London to stay with Aimy, so busy times and a lot of driving, but I enjoying every minute.

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