Sunday, 29 June 2014

Honor Oak Park

Gorgeous sunday morning, and another really good nights sleep, the London air obviously agrees with me. I have been out riding each day, I do love cycling in London, think its the challenge that does it, nearly ran into a guy yesterday who was so busy running for the bus, but apart from that no other incidents, really should be wearing my helmet though.

Side of a shop in Dulwich

Feeling really good, very heathy and fit which is great and gives me such a mental boost as well, my head is settling down and I am way more positive than I have been, especially when it comes to people in my life, I am weeding out the dead wood, and this has made me realise how great some of my real friends are. Quality not quantity! I don't need loudness, rudeness grief and drama, it was never my way of doing things anyway so I can be my real self again.
Stayed a couple of nights with a real friend and her partner in their fab new house in S Wales, huge place and great garden, well it will be when its finished, they doing an amazing job.  The Welsh valleys maybe an area of real deprivation,  but it has such character and the people are so friendly, I would be quite happy living there. We had a walk on the beach at Ogmore on Sea, fascinating place, really unusual rock formations, then we had a walk round some Waterfalls up near Breacon, including one you can walk behind, despite the 7 mile hike, and hundreds of steps it was so worth it. I was really proud of myself being able to do so much walking without too much difficulty,  I also cycled both ways over a really nasty hill in Ystrad, not easy on a mountain bike, but again so worth it as it made me feel great afterwards, bit of a contrast to cycling in London.

Breacon Beacons

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