Friday, 14 December 2018

Not quite Christmas

Well thank goodness for that the year is nearly over, bit of a bugger of a one if I am honest, but then I have said that for the past 4 years. Roll on 1st Jan and a chance to start over, this time I will not be starting the year by being ill, a lot I want to do next year places to go people to see, need to crack on with the cycling and get fit again.
Went to York yesterday pre Christmas meet up with some friends from the North East and Scotland, was a great day although bloomin cold. Six of us met, three of us are ill with Cancer related ailments, very sad but one of the Johns who I havent seen for Six months looked very ill, was as fit as a fiddle last time I saw him but it was so noticeable how ill he has become, been there done that when you lnow you really should have stayed home, freezing cold putting on a brave face but would rather just be home in bed, do wish him well as he has a Bone Marrow transplant at the end of January and then spends nearly Six weeks in isolation as the risk of infection is so high.

Mickelgate Bar, York
The other month I had a day in Newcastle, long overdue. Very lucky with the weather it got better abd better as the day went on. The idea was to photograph Central station then have a walk over the Redheugh bridge along the Tyne to have a look at Dunston Staithes, where coal was loaded onto ships, now the largest wooden structure in Europe, then as the sun was getting a bit lower and the light interesting walk back along the Tyne photographing the bridges and walk over the High Level bridge looking at a famous location or two from the film 'Get Carter' then back to Central station, and that is exactly what I did, very jolly it was too.

 Dunston Staithes

 Redheugh Bridge
 High Level Bridge
High Level Bridge
'Peter's very upset about his car'