Sunday, 8 June 2014

Clatterbridge time again.

Nearly time for my 3 monthly scan, next Tuesday I will be back to Clatterbridge Hospital. don't no why, but the name makes me smile despite the rather grim nature of the place. I am a little bit worried to say the least, I still manage to bury my head in the sand when it come to my cancer, and it is only as scan time approaches that it brings it home to me how ill I am.
I have been getting plenty of exercise so I hope that counts for something, really enjoying the cycling, so many places to go around Warrington. Next week I am off again on my travels, this time with my bike, 4 days cycling round Northamptonshire, then a few days with a friend in South Wales plus a bit more cycling hopefully, then back to London for a week . We have tickets for 1984 at the Playhouse, which will be interesting, then the plan is to do something different each day, British Museum, Highgate Cemetery, Hampton Court, Crystal Palace, (including  the Dinosaurs) are some of the ideas. We are also looking at going away to the sun in August, so need to sort out some flights etc.
I am going to take my DSLR camera with me this time, and try and do some serious photography, I have been struggling with motivation for my old interests, I want to get out with the camera, but I have been letting my emotions get in the way, I think I may have turned a bit of a corner, although a lot of it will depend on Tuesdays scan results, I think I have finally made the first step to moving on from some of the issues in my life that have been upsetting me, if something is getting you down, the only real solution is to remove it, if possible, so that is just what I am doing, getting rid of some of the dead wood,  as they say at Westminster. "We are cautiously optimistic." I do have a few plans for the future, which I need to start getting to grips with, and in the coming months I have plenty of trips in the souf to look forward to.

That time of year again, so the growbags are out and the slugs are eating the Tomatoes! Ok so I have had to replace two of them, they are now a little bigger so hopefully they can withstand the slug attacks. Actually its first time I have grown any veg for several years, so it makes a nice diversion, Toms on toast anyone?

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