Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Clatterbridge once more

CT scan at Clatterbridge today, not much news as I wont find out the results till next Tuesday, but I did speak to Roz Vaughan, a remarkable lady who has had a horrendous time with her cancer, when I think back to December last year and we were both in identical positions, yet she is now fighting for her life. Of to Whiston hospital tomorrow to visit her, the very least I can do.
Funny sort of day today, recently I have been so listless and disinterested in anything except walking and cycling, but today I have been far more productive and positive than I have for a long time, I think it is because several people very close to me are really suffering, either with their own illness or the illness of a family member, this has really brought it home to me how lucky I am, I am sure I will have problems to face soon enough, but I need to make the most of this time and stop feeling sorry for myself and getting upset about the things missing in my life, and instead use to the full the things I do have in my life, especially the freedom and fitness that I have.

Keep eating the salad

I am off south again on Thursday, going to London to see Le Mis with a couple of friends then a few days in Southampton before heading back north on Sunday. I quite enjoy the driving these days, I put some good music on, then the distance just flies by. If I could get a Disabled Railcard I would quite happily go by train, but I need to be awarded a PIP claim to qualify, the PIP claim can take up to 25 weeks, mine has already been 15 weeks. What seems to happen, is you apply for these benefits when you are at deaths door, then by the time they have got round to assessing you, you are either dead, or not nearly so bad so they say you don't meet the criteria. I am not holding my breath on this one.
Almost forgot, I have tickets to see John Bishop in Bournemouth in October, should be really fab.

John Bishop

Monday, 25 August 2014

August Bank Holiday

Its been a month since I have posted anything, not really sure why, but I have been out and about enjoying myself.
I have my next CT scan tomorrow, always a difficult time, its funny but I get more worked up about the scan, than I do about the results when I go back a week later. I should find out more about the clinical trial and when I have to have Biopsies done etc. I really don't know how to feel about starting the treatment, the thought of getting ill is not nice, I rely so heavily on being fit and active, to start struggling is not a nice thought, especially with summer coming to an end, once the wet cold weather starts it is always hard to be motivated to go out and exercise, so feeling rubbish through my treatment will be doubly hard, but I am determined to keep at it and get out on my bike as much as I can.
Don't mess with the Tax Man! I put in a claim for mileage allowances over the past three years, and I was told that I was not entitled to them, but that they have re calculated my tax and I now owe them £400, if its not broken, don't try to fix it!

Sunny morning in Bruges

I went to Bruges the other week with Sarah, just a day trip but it was so much fun, we set of from Southampton at 9pm on the Tuesday evening for Dover then got the 4.20am sailing to Calais, with Sarah driving we got to Bruges around 8am, was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, we had a boat trip down the canals and climbed the 366 steps up to the Bell tower.
366 steps later

Sarah did an amazing job driving on the right, I have not done it yet, so well done to her, we got back to Southampton around 1am Thursday morning. Friday lunchtime she had to go to Eastleigh and her car wouldn't start and it was terminal, so we were extremely lucky to do the miles we did without any problems.

How to overtake on the left

When it is good between me and Sarah, it is amazing, we do have our ups and downs, we both have issues of various sorts, but the spontaneous times are the best, on the way back from Bruges we called in at Adinkerke, and Sarah saw a sign for a War Cemetery, which was quite small so I suggested going to Ypres. Ypres cemetery is on the edge of the town with over 2000 stones including one German, the only other person there was someone tending the gardens, it was the most perfect moment, so peaceful and so moving, we were both very affected by the place, we spoke to a couple of locals who then pointed us in the direction of Tyne Cot cemetery not far away, so off we went. Over 10000 stones at Tyne Cot, an incredible place, although quite busy it was so peaceful, there is no way to put into words the feelings you have when you see these regimented rows of stones, so many with no name, an experience that neither of us will forget.

Tyne Cot Cemetery