Thursday, 4 February 2016

Riding in the rain

As the title suggests, against my better judgement I went out for a ride this morning, I am pleased I went, and the exercise has to do me good, especially my Blood Pressure, but I got soaked through, the roads seemed to be flooded everywhere as well, so no escape. I can't be a fair weather rider, but if I got a bad chill I could get myself in a lot of trouble, hopefully better weather is on the way.
The local dogs home that I volunteer at has taken in a male German Shepherd and a 3 month old puppy, sadly they were abandoned and there has been no sign of the mother, I have been offered the puppy for fostering, I adore German Shepherds, and to be honest I would love to foster the fully grown male. Seriously I don't think either would be a good idea, neither is house trained, so they would probably wreck all the work I have done on my house, so we shall see, I am sure I will at some point take them home for at least a few days, and once the puppy has put on some weight she will soon be homed, as puppies never have to wait long to tug at some
one's heart strings.

Burn the Clocks, Brighton
Burn the Clocks in Brighton is an annual parade through The Lanes ending up on the beach at Mediera Drive with a Bonfire and Firework display, watched by thousands of people. It is a very Pagan event and I wouldn't begin to say I understand it, but it was a great evening and many thanks to Nikon for the invite.
A quick look back at my Sunflowers from last Summer, seems an age ago now, but they were very successful, one in the back garden reached over 12ft, unfortunately the world record is over 16ft, but still very impressive.

The above two photos are of the old railway from Whitby to Saltburn taken last month, it meant so much to get out on an old railway line with my camera, it has been a long time, and I keep thinking each one will be the last explore I can manage, but I not giving in yet.