Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Cherry Tree pub

What a dam fine gorgeous day it has been!
Feel really good, had a date today, with a lady called  Jey, who is from Malaysia and works here as a nurse, so immediately we had loads in common! Really enjoyed it she is a lovely lady, it seemed to go very well, so fingers crossed. I am away now for a couple of weeks, which might be a good thing as it gives us a breather, rather than diving in straight away, which I have a bit of a history of doing, we shall see, but I hope it works out.
I started counselling this week, I have put it off for so long, that now I wonder if I actually need it? When I went on Monday I felt fine, but as I climbed the stairs to the top floor, it dawned on me what I was doing, dragging everything out into the open again after I was starting to make quite a good job of burying it. But then maybe that is the whole issue, I haven't been confronting my problems so counselling  is the way forward. I was asked what I wanted out of the sessions, bit of a difficult question, as I hadn't given it a lot of thought, I answered, that I would like to come to terms with my illness and learn to live with it, not unreasonable I guess.
I am getting very forgetful at the moment, I am getting appointment dates wrong and turning up a day late, also mixing up the time and turning up to see people at the very last minute, even lunch today, I was strolling back from town thinking I had loads of time, only to realise it was 12.10 and I was 20 mins walk from home and due to leave at 12.30 for lunch at 1!!! so that gave me precisely 0 mins to shower, change and get out the door! Not really the best situation for a first date, but somehow I was 5 mins early.
My pedometer ranking has now gone up to 81874th in the world. Wow! haha I am down to 5 figures in only 5 days. I have taken 74,932 steps, equal to 43.6 miles, to be honest the mileage is not very accurate, it over reads, so I don't know how accurate the step count is, but as a guide it is very useful.
First thing tomorrow I am off to Leicestershire, South Wales then London, taking my bike with the intention to  do some cycling each day, certainly the first week I will, the second week in London, I might not do so much, we shall see.

Random shot here, to remind me I have to get out and do some more tunnelling!

Morcott Tunnel

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