Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Getting my life back

At last my house is finished, bar a bit of snagging and putting photos up, it now feels like home and does look pretty good if I say so myself. It has been very hard work, and it most definitely will be the last serious bit of DIY I ever do. It has been very hard work, as always I had to complicate things and make them harder than they need be, like sanding the floors upstairs and the staircase, all this on top of starting my treatment in January, but its done now so all is good.

Talking of treatment, on the whole it has been going very well, I really am very lucky so I don't like to complain. There has been a marked reduction in the size of the tumours since January which is amazing to see a difference so soon, side effects have rather crept up on me, nothing major, just getting progressively worse, general aching, lack of energy, disturbed sleep and even a constant running nose, the poor sleeping has not been helped by the tremors that I get, especially in my feet, bit like restless leg, keeps you awake for hours. I also get strange feelings sometime, can't explain it, just a feeling that things are not right, bit shaky and wobbly on my feet, very odd sensation, with the amount of drugs that are being pumped into me there has to be some adverse reaction. Going to hospital every three weeks has given me a real aversion to having needles stuck in me, but as I say I am very lucky, lucky to still be alive, lucky to have been chosen for this trial and lucky that it seems to be working.
Motivation is a big problem and my level of fitness has suffered this past six months, so I have set myself a target of cycling forty miles a week, really not very difficult, just motivating myself to do it, three weeks in and all is going ok, will take some time to get back to decent fitness but I am determined to get there. I have been out on a few minor explores, mainly by train, I enjoy using the train as driving is not a lot of fun these days, and if you commit yourself to buying a ticket in advance you can't make any excuses on the day, so some day trips to Lancaster, Preston, Wigan, Blackpool, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh so far this year, again I do realise how lucky I am to be doing things like this, ok so its not Paris, New York, Rio etc but I still get a lot of enjoyment, and to be honest you could drop me and my camera almost anywhere in the world and I would enjoy it.





As you can see in the Edinburgh photos I don't really do the normal tourist thing, I much prefer the more seedy side of places, also there has to be a few disused railway tunnels, like Buchannan St in Glasgow