Monday, 12 January 2015

January Blues

Ok so I am not exactly Blue. I feel pretty positive and am having a good month. Really is the weather for staying in, so have been spending a lot of time on the PC editing and uploading photographs, I may have said it before, but if I spent the rest of my life doing nothing else other than editing photos I still wouldn't get them all done. At the moment I have around 30000 Digital photos all edited and filed and around 15000 negatives scanned but only a few of them edited. I probably have around 10000 more negatives to edit and I keep getting other peoples collections to scan and I keep going out and taking more photos, so it really is a never ending project. On top of this I have a life to lead!
I have been a bit lazy this past week, not a great deal of exercise, I have been feeling very tired and have been falling asleep in the early evening, a little bit worrying as that was how my Kidney problems first started, but I did have a stinking cold over Christmas and I did push myself a bit too much after the New Year so I am sure all is fine.

Bear and Frank

Rain is horizontal at the moment so it looks like another day on the PC.