Saturday, 3 May 2014


Long drive to the south, first serious drive in many months and it felt good, the feeling of freedom was enormous, much like when I first passed my driving test many years ago.  There was a guy called Darren in a local pub, he has learning difficulties and is obviously a regular complete with his hand puppet, sadly he is also the butt of the regulars jokes, not helped by some of the staffs attitude, it is awful that despite these people knowing about his troubles they are still happy to take the piss out of him, 2014 and we really haven't come very far, by complete contrast a fella that I worked with in Crowborough who has Asperger's, amongst other troubles, is also a regular in a local pub, a bit of a dive to be honest, but the way the regulars and staff look out for him gives you hope, if anyone was to even start to have a go at him, they would not stay standing for very long.
This is now my 6th and penultimate day in Crowborough, I have mixed emotions coming here, I lived here form age 7 to 24 and it is not all happy memories, I then came back for 3 years in 2010, never go back they say, and to a large extent I would agree, but I made some fabulous friends here and this week has been great visiting them, a few too many drinks in the rose and crown in Fletching has been very entertaining.
Home made, and home reared sausages for breakfast tomorrow, courtesy of a lovely couple, I could have had some lamb from their freezer, but after holding one of their live lambs it didn't seem right,  and by the way dont wear a white tee-shirt if you are going to pick up a lamb!

Melanie and friend

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