Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 2

I made the mistake last night of looking online at some pages on Kidney Cancer, I have avoided it until now, leaving it to my sister to do all the research bless her! I found an article from an American Doctor, he said that once the Cancer has spread to the Lungs, his prognosis would be 2 to 3 years, a bit grim but if I am honest with myself that is about what I had thought. If the Tumour in the Kidney that was removed had been growing for 4 or 5 years before it erupted, then the Tumour in my remaining Kidney may have been growing already for a couple of years, so another 2 or 3 years before it also erupts inside me, obviously the big question mark is how quickly will the Mets in my Lungs grow, but that isn't something I want to think about.
I have to go to Clatterbridge on The Wirral every 3 months for a scan and once the Cancer takes a hold I will be on Pazopanib daily, to try and slow it down, my last scan only showed a small increase in the size of the Mets, since my first CT scan last November, so we shall see.
I do get stabbing pains in my stomach and in my hip, but after months of daily pain, very often excruciating, I don't really pay it a lot of intention, I have started getting Dizzy spells which is a little more worrying.
I have just returned form a walk into town, I try to have a walk everyday.  I recently bought am 80gb iPod, which means I can have all my music on it, something like 4000 tunes and it still isn't half full, I love my music and walking around town listening to tunes is great, I find I can do some people watching and do some shopping, just walking around in my own little bubble gives me time to think and to observe what is going on, without having to actually participate in anything.
Today I am going to sort through some photographs to upload on here, I want to put some shots of friends and family that have influenced me over the years

Tomorrow I am off to catch up with some friends daan saaf,  back to Crowborough in Sussex, where I went to school, to see some friends for a week and then a week in South London with a mate, so busy times but should be great fun.
Sun is out here now so bit of a blustery cycle in a bit.

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