Thursday, 6 November 2014

Raining Cats and Dogs

I generally walk into town to go to the shelter where I walk the dogs, along the way I meet a lot of cats who are quite friendly on the way out, but by the time I return, smelling of dogs, they run a mile!


I have got into the habit of walking the larger dogs as they seem to be the ones that get out least, they are certainly lively, one of them Bernie, is a big black shaggy affair who goes nuts once he is let of the lead, he charges you then at the last second turns, so his body slams into your legs, he hasn't knocked me over yet, but it will happen.


Tia is a St Bernard, and is as nuts as Bernie, once of the lead they both chase me round the field, trying their hardest to send me flying! There are two other St Bernard's I have not walked yet, Kayla who is larger than Tia and looks just as nuts, and Teddy who is massive and will probably pull me along on my face, but I will have a go.

Tia up to her usual tricks


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