Monday, 3 November 2014

Hearing Aid

This morning I went to have a hearing aid fitted, can't say I am very happy about it, hearing aids have always been associated with Aunty Doris and her infernal whistling! Its not that bad to be honest, very small and I have got used to it straight away. My hearing is really not that bad, just in some circumstances I struggle hearing people, so I thought I would give it ago.

South Wales
I have just got back from one of my jaunts south, was really good fun, South Wales and Hampshire. It was freezing cold in Wales, my friends are renovating an old house, so was not the warmest place, but was great to see them and be back in the Valleys, the house really is gorgeous, detached 4 bedroom and large walled garden all for a fraction of what they would have paid back in Sussex. After Wales I went to Andover and spent a few days with a fab friend and her partner, their house is the complete opposite, newly built so it is very well insulated, even with no heating on it was very warm.
Mr Tank
I was really very glad to get back north, while I did have a great couple of weeks in the south with some great friends, I have got into a bit of a routine now, what with dog walking most days and getting on with my photography and exercising daily. I have neglected the cycling in recent weeks, mainly because I have been walking so much, 7-8 miles a day, this includes walking the dogs. I can now walk most of the large dogs, and some of them are very large indeed, they are not difficult just very strong and a bit boisterous.

West Meon Station

Privet Tunnel
Whilst in Hampshire I went on an organised walk with the Railway Ramblers, this was on northern section of the long closed railway from Alton to Fareham and included visiting Privet and Tisted stations which are both now private homes, and very attractive ones as well. The following week I went back on my own to have a look at West Meon and Privet Tunnels, the south portal of West Meon tunnel was rather overgrown, it involved a lot of climbing up and down cuttings and hacking through the undergrowth, quite proud of myself as almost a year ago I was in hospital fighting for my life.

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